Why Can’t We Keep Life Simple?

I don’t know, maybe something is wrong with me, but I see so many people over complicating their lives unnecessarily.  I’m wondering if genetically we’re predisposed to making more out of something than what it really is or if culturally we think we need to make things more complicated to justify our existence.  And I don’t think it is just people, but this also applies to businesses, governments, or any organized group.  Or maybe, I’m just too dimwitted to realize how complicated things in life really are.

Examples of how I see we unnecessarily complicate our lives:

1.  While you’re driving, someone tries to cut in front of you.  You could not let him in and battle it out for the next half mile and get all worked up about it — and you’ll be sure not to forget when you get home to tell your spouse about how some jerk tried to cut in front of you.  -OR- Take the simple solution and let the guy in with a smile and not give it a second thought.

2.  Your boss gets unjustifiably upset with you and you stew about it for weeks and tell everyone what a jerk you work for.  -OR- Take the simple life path and know you were not really to blame, but no need to internalize it, and focus at the next task at hand.  Emotionally, I know this may be tough to swallow, but what’s arguing with the boss and badmouthing him to others ultimately going to do for you?

3.  You finally decide to buy a large home and a year later didn’t realize all the expenses involved in keeping it up, furnishing it, paying taxes, utilities, insurance as well as trying to keep up an upper middle class lifestyle with the neighbors.  To add insult to injury, you probably use about a third of the house.  -OR- You could have simply rented a nice downtown apartment, about one-third the size, and basically minimized your expenses to just rent and utilities.  Also, since maintenance is included in the rent, you have more time on the weekends to do things you enjoy.  Also, this option netted you significant savings over buying a large home, letting you be able to be debt free and travel.

Again, it just might be me, but it seems obvious the simple path to life is much more peaceful and enjoyable.

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