Weekly Running Log (Week 8)

Just completed another week of training for the Nagano Marathon, which is 7 weeks away.  Overall, it was a pretty good week of training.  I did my interval training on Tuesday, but fell short of my target times.  Interval training is hard for me, I’m not naturally a fast runner over short distances, so this is my weak area – especially when I’m running them at 4:30 am right after rolling out of bed.  On the other hand, I usually do pretty well meeting my tempo runs paces and this week was no exception.  My goal this past Thursday was to run four miles at a 6:49/mile tempo pace and actually ran at 6:43/mile pace.  I just finished my 20 mile long run this week.  My goal was to run at 7:45/mile pace, but ran it at 7:32/mile pace.  So with the exception of my interval run earlier this week, I was able to exceed my training pace for the other two runs.

After today’s long run, my body feels a little beat up.  With the KettleWorX strength training routines in between my running days, it is probably a good idea to probably take it easy tomorrow and maybe do about 45 minutes of restorative yoga and get a good night sleep tonight.  As I’ve become more advanced in my running, intuitively, I know when it is time to back off and recover.

I ran a total of 34 miles this week. Click below for the Garmin GPS details of my runs.

Interval Run (7.5 miles)

Tempo Run (6 miles, 4 at tempo pace)

Long Run (20 miles)

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