Weekly Running Log (Week 7)

Decent week of training, especially considering I was on a business trip in the U.S. for a week.  Got my three quality runs in, tempo on Monday, intervals on Wednesday and long run on Sunday.  I also did some yoga on Tuesday and Thursday, with a little bit of self resistance training (e.g., push-ups, crunches, planks and squats) thrown in.  Wasn’t able to do any kettlebell training, but will resume that this week.  Also, couldn’t get any training in on Friday or Saturday since I was flying back from the U.S. to Japan.  However, considering all the travel, I still was able to get some good training in.

I ran Monday’s 11-mile tempo easily under my goal pace of 7:15 miles.  I fell quite a few seconds short on my intervals, wanting to run 1200s (6X) in 4:24, but my fastest was 4:41.  But I was able to redeem myself on Sunday running an average of 7:20 miles, 15 seconds per mile under my goal pace of 7:35.  Also, wore a heart rate monitor on my long run and had a average heart rate of 146 bpm.  Compared to the same time last year, it appears I’m in better physical condition.

Only 6 weeks out from the Nagano Marathon.  The next three weeks are probably the most critical in terms of needing to obtain some quality training.

I ran a total of 36 miles this week.  Click below for the Garmin GPS details of my runs.

Tempo Run (11 miles)

Interval Run (6 X 1200s, 8 miles)

Long Run (15 miles)

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