Weekly Running Log (Week 5)

This was probably one of my worst weeks for training.  Mentally, I was just not into it.  Not because I’m not motivated, but because of the uncertainty surrounding whether or not I’ll be able to run the Nagano Marathon next month.  The week has been a whirlwind since I live in Yokohama and as you all know there was a major earthquake last week that has really changed the mood in the great nation of Japan.  After experiencing the shock of what happened to the wonderful Japanese people up north, it certainly puts things in perspective – and running the marathon just doesn’t seem all that important now.  Also, there was discussion of moving my organization to another work site outside Japan because of the nuclear plant crisis, which also makes me wonder if I’ll even been in Japan when and if the Nagano Marathon takes place.

After putting some thought into whether or not I should continue to train for the marathon, I decided I would.  Although I was going to make the Nagano Marathon my “A” race and try to qualify for Boston, I decided I would just do the best I can and not stress over it.  I figured even in times like this, you need to stay fit and continue with a routine to keep your sanity — what else you going to do, sit home and stress out.  I figured only God knows what will happen, so I’ll take it day-to-day and leave the rest to Him.

Because of a hectic week at work, I was unable to run my normal days.  In fact, I had to run a 11-mile tempo on Saturday and a 15-mile long run on Sunday to get all my mileage in.  Probably not a smart thing to do because my long run was lousy, but mentally, I felt I needed to at least get the mileage in, even it they were below my goal pace.  Also, because of radiation warnings due to the nuclear plant crisis, I did my tempo on the treadmill.

I was able to do my kettlebell training (26 minutes) and yoga (20 minutes) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Also got a yoga session (37 minutes)) in on Thursday.  I ran on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.  Below are links to my training runs.  Only 4 more weeks to the Nagano Marathon.

32 Total Miles

Interval Run (6 miles, 3 X 1 mile)

Tempo Run (11 miles, 7 minute pace)

Long Run (15 miles, averaged 8 minute pace)

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