Spring & Summer Training Plan

As mentioned in my last post, since the Nagano Marathon which was scheduled for next month has been canceled, I needed to reassess my running goals and training plan.  My objective is to balance the rigors of marathon training, but still maintain the training base that I’ve built up over the past few months.  I will continue the 3 quality runs every week (interval run, tempo run, long run), kettlebell training and yoga stretching, but not at the same intensity when I’m in a marathon training cycle.  I will also try to run some shorter races as well to keep me motivated and sharp.  This should keep me limber and focused, and my training will not be at a threshold where I’ll be at high risk of injury.

My new running goals over the next 4 months are as follows:

1.  Run a sub 19 minute 5K

2.  Run a sub 40 minute 10K

3.  Run a sub 1 hour 27 minute half marathon

My training plan over the next 4 months will be as follows:

Mondays – KettleWorX & Yoga (1 hour)

Tuesdays – Interval Run (1 mile warm-up, 6 x 800s @ 6 minute pace, rest of 3 minutes between intervals, 1 mile cool down)

Wednesdays – KettleWorX & Yoga (1 hour)

Thursdays – Tempo Run (8 total miles, 1 mile warm-up, 6 miles @ sub 7-minute pace, 1 mile cool-down)

Fridays – KettleWorX & Yoga (1 hour)

Saturdays – Restorative Yoga (40 minutes)

Sundays – Long Run (15 miles @ sub-7:30 minute pace)

The training plan above may need to be adjusted in the summer when the temperatures begin to rise.  In cases where it is too warm, I’ll run at the pace my body tells me to run.

Sometime in August, I will begin my next marathon training cycle for a November marathon.  Right now, I have my sights on the November 20th Kobe Marathon (Japan), which will be first ever open marathon event for the city.  I have also submitted my application for the New York Marathon lottery, and if I’m lucky enough to get in, I’ll probably run this marathon as well – but won’t know the results of the lottery until sometime in April.  Assuming I can maintain quality training over the spring/summer months, my goal will be to run a sub 3:10 marathon this fall.


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