Weekly Running Log Update (21 ~ 27 March 2011)

Since I’m no longer training for a marathon, but shorter races, I’ve started adjusting my training.  Instead of running a 20 mile long run this morning as originally planned, I reduced it to 15 miles.  Below is a summary of this week’s training.

Monday – KettleWorX resistance training (26 minutes) and 20 minutes of yoga.

Tuesday – Tempo run on the treadmill (1 hour).  Because it was cold and raining outside, I decided to run inside.  Ran a total of 8 miles, with the first mile being a warm-up and the next 7 miles at sub 7:15 pace at a 2% incline on the treadmill.

Wednesday – KettleWorX core training (26 minutes) and 20 minutes of yoga.

Thursday – Interval run on the treadmill (52 minutes).  Another cold and rainy morning, so decided to run inside again.  Ran a total of 7 miles, which included about a 1 mile warm-up, 10 X 400s with a 400 meter rest interval, then 1 mile cool-down.  Ran the 400s at a 6 minute per mile pace with a 2% incline on the treadmill.  Although I’d rather run outside, the nice thing about the treadmill is that you can set it at a consistent pace without slowing down…the treadmill forces you to maintain the pace, otherwise, you’ll be flying off the back.

Friday – KettleWorX cardio training (26 minutes) and 20 minutes of yoga.

Saturday – Restorative yoga (30 minutes).

Sunday – 15 mile long run where I averaged a 7:15 pace.  First time to run outside this week and the running weather was ideal (mid-40s, low humidity and breezy).

I’m planning a similar training routine this week, but instead of a tempo this Thursday, I am planning to run a April Fool’s 5K on Friday morning — that’s if radiation levels remain normal in Kanagawa.

Ran a total of 31.5 miles this week.  Below are links to my run.

Tempo Run (8 miles)

Interval Run (7 miles, 10 X 400s)

Long Run (15 miles)

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