My Favorite Christian Apologist and Evangelist: Ravi Zacharias

Whenever I find my faith wavering, all I need to do is hear a sermon from Christian Apologist and Evangelist Dr. Ravi Zacharias. The man is extremely brilliant, and speaks with such confidence and logic, that I’m certain that his gift to articulate the message of God comes from the divine. Many state he is the C. S. Lewis of our time, and I wholeheartedly agree – there are very few Christian Evangelist out there today that can speak to the intellectual depth that Dr. Zacharias can go to.

I get a daily dose of Dr. Zacharias by downloading his weekday podcast “Just Thinking” and weekend podcast “Let My People Think”.

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3 Responses to My Favorite Christian Apologist and Evangelist: Ravi Zacharias

  1. This is how I found you I was searching for Ravi and bumped into your blog. Man I agree with Ravi in so many ways. One of the most powerful reasons that I was compelled to leave the Mormon church was because their is literally not one shred of archeological evidence to support the Book of Mormon. If you listen to what Ravi said WOW 5,000 documents just to support the New Testament. The Word of God is going to stand against time and science. Thank you for sharing, Jared Canaday

    • Ravi is a brilliant man and I’m sure he has brought thousands, if not millions, who may have been skeptical into the Christian faith. His ability to address the faith from a logical and intellectual angle is not only highly encouraging, but also provides a compelling argument against the growing atheist movement. I really appreciate the fact that he does many of his speeches on college campuses where many of our young minds can obtain another perspective other than the secular teachings they receive in their classrooms. But I think if people just open their eyes and hearts and see the beauty that surrounds us and the complexity of our being, the argument that there is no God is almost impossible to deny. The question then becomes which God will we choose to worship and the Bible is the only book that has been able to adequately address my questions and purpose in life. Ravi is able to articulate my thoughts and feelings in a way I can’t and I just can’t get enough of listening to his speeches and sermons. Thank you so much for your comment.

      • Shibu Joy Edison says:

        I totally agree with you . He is brilliant Man of God. At times I feel proud that I also belong to the same state India where he originally hails from. His passion for Gospel is matchless. May God give more strength for Him to travel world wide and win millions of lives unto Him. Got couple of opportunity to hear his messages directly.

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