Registered for the 2011 Kobe Marathon

Well, I just registered for the 2011 Kobe Marathon which will be run for the first time on November 20th.  Didn’t realize it was going to be a lottery type registration, so we’ll see if they select me for the inaugural running of the marathon.  I won’t find out until the end of June as whether or not I am in, so it will be a waiting game.  Also, I’m still waiting to find out if I’m lucky enough to get into the NY Marathon – should be receiving notice soon.

More information about the Kobe Marathon may be obtained from the following web site:

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3 Responses to Registered for the 2011 Kobe Marathon

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  2. Cam says:

    Hi from Australia
    I am running my first marathon in Kobe and saw you are also running. I have not seen a lot of information on web about this event, apart from the official website.
    Have you seen or heard any feedback about the preparations? I note your priority is New York. best of luck.



    • Hi Cam!

      I also have not heard anything from the Kobe Marathon since I’ve paid my entry fees. However, from my experience with Japanese marathons, usually within a month of the race, they will send you an e-mail with all the details. So I wouldn’t be overly concerned until the end of October.

      Hope your training is going well. A fall marathon in Japan is usually a good time of year to run — as long as it doesn’t rain.

      Best Regards,

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