Restaurant Review: Sensan

Sensan Restaurant

Today I had lunch at a restaurant we frequent quite often.  I’m not 100% sure of the name of the place, but believe it may be called Sensan.  The restaurant is located in the residential area of Honmoku in Yokohama, close to the MyCal shopping center.  I believe it may be a chain restaurant.

If you enjoy Japanese food, this is a great place if you are looking quality food at a moderate price.  Their specialty is fresh fish, but in addition to sushi, they have soba, udon, tofu, tempura, crab, and an assortment of Japanese deserts.  I’ve never walked away hungry and although I can’t say it is the best Japanese food I have ever eaten, you get a lot for your money.  The lunch menu provides the best value with a variety of different lunch sets that range in price from 1,000 – 3,000 yen, with the average someplace in the middle.

Today's Lunch - Cost 1,480 Yen (Sushi, Udon, Tempura, Salad, and Tofu)

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very contemporary and patrons are sectioned off by in different rooms or partitions, allowing for an intimate setting.  The restaurant seems to target families and the wait staff are very courteous and well trained.  The service is excellent, the food is presented very professionally, the food is served relatively timely, and the waitresses are dressed in very nice Japanese clothing.  We have probably come to this restaurant a half dozen times and have never been disappointed.  Free parking (to be validated) is available in the parking garage located behind the restaurant.

After Lunch Coffee

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