Weekly Running Log Update (18 April 2011 ~ 24 April 2011)

This was a good week of training.  I did my standard KettleWorX/Yoga core fitness training on Monday, Friday and Saturday.  Normally, I wouldn’t do KettleWorX on back to back days, but because of a late night meeting at work on Tuesday night and dinner commitments on Wednesday evening, I was unable to find time to workout on Wednesday, so it ended up being my rest day this week and had to move a workout to Saturday.  On Tuesday I did my interval training, running 7 X 800s (2:51 per interval, 90 – 120 seconds rest between intervals) on the treadmill at a 2% incline – this was a killer workout.  I followed this run up on Thursday with a 10 mile tempo run (1 mile warm-up, 8 miles tempo averaging 6:48/mile pace, and 1 mile cool-down).  I closed my training week on Sunday with a 15-mile long run, averaging a 6:58 pace.  Although the workouts this week felt okay, none of them felt great, and I had to mentally push myself to maintain the paces.  Maybe it is the warmer weather, not sure, but overall a productive week.

Plan to continue to maintain tough workouts this week to be followed by somewhat of an easy week in early May as I prepare for the upcoming 10K on May 7th.  However, I may cut back on the miles for my tempo and long runs (8 miles and 10 miles, respectively, instead of 10 miles and 15 miles), but plan to maintain the intensity.  The days leading up to a race are always the hardest to plan for, because you don’t want to lose any fitness, but you certainly don’t want to over train and as a result have a sub-par performance.  However, being two weeks out from the race, I do realize that there will probably be no significant improvements as a result of my training and that recovery, nutrition and rest will be the most important factor in running the race at the best of my abilities.

Links to my tempo and long runs this week are below.

Tempo Run (10 miles)

Long Run (15 miles)

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