Found Hotel for the New York City Marathon

The Verve Hotel

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was still trying to find a hotel for the 2011 ING New York City Marathon.  After doing extensive research on the Internet, I finally found a reasonably priced hotel.  Although the marathon isn’t until November, I figured the hotels would fill up fast and the best deals will go even sooner, so I wanted to firm up my reservations before it was too late and my options limited.

Many of the hotels in Manhattan are averaging at least $300 a night (even more around Central Park) and although there were some cheaper options like staying in a hostel for about half the price, I’m just not keen on sleeping and hanging out with a bunch of strangers and sharing bathrooms.  If I was just staying for a night or two, I would have probably just bit the bullet and pay the going rate.  However, since I plan on staying in NYC for 5 nights, I wasn’t about to shell out $1,500 for a hotel unless there were no other choices.  Fortunately, there was a good choice and I jumped on it.

I found a boutique hotel called “The Verve Hotel” located in Long Island City (near Queens Plaza) through  Although not in Manhattan, the hotel is located next to a subway line that will take you into the heart of Manhattan within 10 minutes.  Although I have never stayed at this hotel before, the reviews on TripAdvisor were very favorable.  Although only a 2.5 star hotel, you appear to receive a lot of value for your money.  There is a free warm breakfast every morning, the room is outfitted with modern fixtures and amenities, flat screen television, free Wi-Fi, has a pool table and air hockey table, refrigerator and microwave, sauna and fitness center, and laundry facility on the premises.  Many of the reviewers of this hotel also rave about management’s attention to the customer.  The only downsides appear to be that it is not in the greatest part of town and I’ll have to take a short subway ride home after finishing the marathon.  But these minor inconveniences will save me many hundreds of dollars.  Instead of paying $300 a night at a comparable hotel in Manhattan, my average price per night will be $141, which also includes all taxes.

So, I’m all set, I have my NYC marathon fee paid for ($207), reserved my flight from Tokyo to New York using my frequent flier miles ($45 for taxes), and have booked my hotel for 5 nights ($705), for a grand total of $957 spent so far.  Considering I was planning to spend well over $2,000 for this trip, I’m very pleased to still be under $1,000.  Now that I have the logistics behind me, I can focus on developing my training plan which I’ll provide in a future post.

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