Restaurant Review: Bla On the Beach

Bla On the Beach Entrance

This is a very small Italian restaurant in Zushi, Japan called Bla On the Beach.  It is located a few hundred meters from Zushi Station, just across the street from OK supermarket.  We came across this tiny restaurant, which seats a total of 12 people, while walking around the downtown area looking for a place to eat.  The specialty is handmade pasta and there are three varieties you can choose from.  There were 6 different lunch sets on the menu, ranging in price from 1,000 to 1,500 yen (about US$12 – 18).  Also, there was soup, tea and appetizer dishes available at additional cost.  The place appears to be run by a young couple, with the husband cooking and the wife serving the customers.

My Vegetable Pasta

The pasta was excellent.  Although the portions sizes were not large, the quality of the food was very high.  Many of the vegetables used come from the local area.  The atmosphere was intimate and cozy with 80s music playing in the background.  They also appear to have a variety of wines to choose from.  So if your in the Zushi area and not looking for something heavy to eat, I would give this place a try.  However, you may want to arrive early, there was a line of people waiting outside before the place opened.



After Lunch Coffee


Bla On the Beach Interior

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