Weekly Running Log Update (2 May 2011 ~ 8 May 2011)

A good week of training, with a decent 10K performance (click here for race report) this past Saturday.  I did my routine KettleWorX/Yoga core fitness training on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.  I ran on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday for a total of 28 miles this week.

This week I’ll begin training preparations for a hot half marathon in early June.  Haven’t decided upon a strategy yet, but knowing that it will most likely be warm, I am not expecting to set a PR.

Training Results this Week:

Monday – Intervals, 6 x 400s with 1 minute rest between intervals.  15 minute warm-up, 11 minute cooldown.  Ran intervals between 1:18 ~ 1:23 (5:14 ~ 5:33/mile pace), average interval was 1:21 (5:25/mile pace).

Tuesday – Kettlebell (26 minutes), Yoga (20 minutes)

Wednesday – Tempo, 1 mile warm-up, 3 miles tempo (7 minute pace), 1 mile cooldown.  Did tempo on the treadmill w/2% incline.

Thursday – Kettlebell (26 minutes), Yoga (46 minutes)

Friday – Yoga (55 minutes)

Saturday – 10K race, time 39:28, Yoga (20 minutes).

Sunday – Leisurely Long Run around the Yokohama Bayfront (~ 12.5 miles, average 7:55 pace).

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