Turning 40

I recently turned 40, a milestone in our existence where we move from still being considered relatively young, to being middle age.  Strangely, I was looking forward to becoming 40, and although I still feel like I’m in my 20s, the 40 years of living on this earth have provided me some understanding to reflect back and determine a few truths in life.  So I’ve randomly jotted down some things that may be cliché, but still no less are truths that have stood the test of time.  I’m looking forward to the next 40 years, God willing, that will not only reaffirm these truths, but also add to them as I continue this life’s journey.

  • There is a place in your heart that can only be permanently filled by God.  We can try and fill this place with other things that we think will provide us fulfillment, but it is always temporary.
  • Everything in this life is temporary, so hold it loosely.
  • A great attitude will compensate for your weaknesses.
  • You will experience the joys of life more if you remain present minded.  If you find yourself starting to get stressed, slow down, get in the present and focus on the moment – it takes practice.
  • Wisdom is priceless.  I’ll take wisdom over gold any day.
  • Physical fitness enhances life in so many ways.  The benefits of exercise, eating healthy, getting a good night sleep and keeping stress levels in check all conspire to maintaining a positive outlook on life.
  • Beauty is simplicity.
  • Beyond food, shelter, clothing and loving relationships, everything else is a luxury.  If you are able to think this way and believe it, appreciation and gratitude naturally exudes from your heart when we experience more than the basics of what we need to live.
  • Having character and interacting with others with integrity and love will leave a lasting impact – although you may not realize it at the time.
  • Relationships and experiences are worth more than any possession.
  • There are no eternal rewards for living up to the world’s standards of success.  Be yourself, be competent and professional in your craft, but don’t compromise your character or integrity to try and please others or for some temporal satisfaction.
  • It is okay to say no.  You need to build space in your schedule.
  • When you approach problems with love and kindness, you are rarely disappointed with the results.  Approach a problem emotionally with frustration and hatred, your problems will exponentially increase.
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