Restaurant Review: Wadachi Dining Bar


Wadachi Dining Bar

Yesterday for lunch, the wife and I rode our bicycles down to Yoshidamachi (close to Isezaki-cho, Yokohama) to have lunch at a small dining bar called Wadachi.  We decided to go there afer reading a review in the Yokohama Seasider Magazine.  There were three different lunch choices of Japanese style cuisine (fish, miso soup, tofu, salad, pickles, tea, etc.).  Depending on which lunch set (bento style) you picked, it cost between 900 to 980 yen (or US$11 to US$12).  There is two lunch sets which are always offered and one special lunch set that changes daily.  I chose the special lunch set and my wife decided upon the fish menu.

Special Lunch Set

The layout of the restaurant was nice and had a cozy atmosphere.  There may have been about 30 total seats.  The place has a pretty extensive bar and I would guess most of its clientele come in after work for drinks and dinner.  There was a affable middle age guy serving us and a cook in the back making the lunches.  It took about 15 minutes to be served after placing our order.  The only negative I have is the place seemed to have a smoke smell, although my wife didn’t smell anything.  The meal was filling and healthy.

Fish Lunch Set

Recommended if you enjoy Japanese food in a relaxing environment.

Location:  Naka-ku, 4-6 Yoshidamachi (Yokohama).

Interior of Wadachi Dining Bar

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