Weekly Running Log Update (20 June 2011 ~ 26 June 2011)

Training this week was suboptimal due to being on business travel in Singapore.  As I get older, I just don’t like to travel as much, especially when it messes up my running routines.  But it’s an inevitable part of my life, so I just deal with it the best I can.  I did do some yoga in my hotel room on Monday and Wednesday as well as run four times this week on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  I also did a little strength training using body weight exercises a few times to maintain some level of core strength fitness.

Although I was able to do some running in Singapore, I just wasn’t acclimated to the hot and humid weather, so my speed work was poor.  When it’s close to 100% humidity, the body just won’t let you push the pace.  Now I know why you never see any elite runners from Southeast Asia.  In addition, I didn’t eat very well, which may have contributed to my lethargic training.  However, when I returned to Japan yesterday, I got some pep back in my legs and this morning I was able to get in a respectable long run.

This week I plan to get back into my normal routine with kettlebell training, yoga and running.  This will put me back on track to maintain my current base.  I’ll do my kettlebell and yoga routine on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  On Tuesday I may change my interval routine instead of 6 x 800m intervals, I’ll do 10 x 400s on a long hill.  I’ll do a tempo of 10 miles on Thursday, and long run of about 15 miles on Sunday.  Saturday I’ll do a restorative yoga flow as a rest day.

Japan is still in the rainy season, so it hasn’t been as bad as I thought in maintaining a good training pace.  But I know the real hot weather is coming, so we’ll see how that impacts my training.  I’m expecting that as the temperatures and humid rise, my paces will diminish.  I just hope it doesn’t get to a point where I begin to lose the snap in my legs.

Training Results this Week (34 total miles):

Monday – Yoga (20 minutes), Body Weight Exercises (10 minutes)

Tuesday – Intervals (6 x 800s with a 400m rest between intervals – horrible splits)

Wednesday – Yoga (20 minutes), Body Weight Exercises (10 minutes)

Thursday – Tempo Run (8 miles, 1 mile warm-up, 7 miles tempo – used hotel treadmill for 1 hour because of thunderstorm)

Friday – Easy Run (3.75 miles)

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Long Run, (15 miles, 7:07/mile pace)

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