Walking Around Kannai (Yokohama)

Went to Isezaki-cho for sushi tonight, then walked around Kannai.  Very lively tonight, lots of people out having a good time.

Girl walking in the Kannai area.

Kaiten sushi shop in Isezaki-cho.

Salmon sushi, my favorite.

Shrimp (ebi) sushi.

Tuna sushi.

More salmon sushi.

Octopus sushi, I think they said it was from Sapporo.

Sushi conveyor belt.

Isezaki-cho Kannai Entrance

Yokohama subway system.

Bashamichi street building.

Old administration building in Kannai.

Side street in Kannai.

Some nightclub in Yokohama, I'm guessing.

Snapshot of Isezaki-cho.

Statue in Isezaki-cho, homeless man reading comics.

Preparing for a mikoshi parade this weekend.

Turtle running around free in a reptile shop.

U.S. Navy tugboats in Yokosuka, took picture earlier this week. USS Blue Ridge in background.

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2 Responses to Walking Around Kannai (Yokohama)

  1. Manel says:

    Are u still running out there? I’m planing to do the same as it seems the only thing u could do in this hopeless country called Japan

    • Hi Manel,

      No longer running in Japan, moved to San Diego, CA about 6 months ago. However, I really enjoyed running in Japan, there are lots of interesting nooks and crannies to explore around Yokohama. I find the very early morning is the best time to run, not a lot of people and traffic, although it can be windy and cold at times. My favorite place to run was along the bayfront from Yamashita Park and down by Minatomirai. The industrial area from Honmoku to Isogo to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is great for any weekend long runs. Good luck with your running and let me know if you have any questions!

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