Night Riding Through Koganecho (Yokohama)

Saw a lot of interesting things tonight riding my bike through Koganecho.  For those who don’t know, Koganecho used to be a pretty seedy area, but recently has been going through a gentrification process by bringing in young and talented artist to the area.  There are now dozens of little art studios today that used to be brothels.

This is a car school for new Japanese drivers.

Night view of Isogo.

Street in Koganecho lined with small bars, eateries, and art studios.

Mural in Kaganocho.

Open sign for a botique.

Dog ready to welcome you to the bar.

Group of people watching a couple cats. I was wondering what was so interesting.

Art studio in Koganecho.

Art gallery.

Another mural.

A dragon?

Art studio that seemed kind of creepy.

Old bar sign.

Another art studio.

Random notes by an artist posted on his studio wall. No idea what they say.

Koganecho station sign.

Open for business.

Koganecho still has some seedy areas.

I came across this gem tonight, a movie theater that plays art films. Definitely want to come back and catch some movies.

Came across this parade tonight by chance.

More parade pictures.

Parade lanterns.


Tempura selection at Hanamaru Restaurant.

Dinner tonight: udon noodles, tuna rice ball and fried boiled egg.


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