Tokyo Game Show 2011

Went to the Tokyo Game Show today in Chiba.  Waste of time and money.  Not sure why I was motivated to go, I don’t really play video games, but thought it was something to do on a Sunday.  But it was hot and humid, over 90 degrees today, and two hours away and too crowded – couldn’t get close to anything.  We stayed for about an hour before we called it quits.  Oh well, lessons learned.

Entrance to Tokyo Game Show 2011.

Started our journey today from Yokohama Station.

The complicated Tokyo rail system. Very easy to get lost.

Shot from moving train, park in Kawasaki.

Intersection in Tokyo.

Changing trains at Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Sky Tree (second tallest structure in the world) in the background, to be finished in February 2012. Shot from the moving train.

Bakery snack.

Tokyo Game Show - Konami Booth

They were minting money at this expo.

Some of the stages were pretty impressive.

Probably the most interesting thing I saw was a demonstration of the XBOX Kinect.

Just too may people, takes a lot away from enjoying the experience.

Shot this photo from the bus ride on the way home.

Hoping to get a decent Mt Fuji sunset shot tonight, but too cloudy. You can see the top of Mt Fuji in the distance.

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