Update on New York Marathon Training

It’s been a while since I’ve provided an update on my training for the upcoming New York Marathon.  I’m 9 weeks into my training cycle with 7 weeks to go.  Overall, things seem to be on track to put me in a position to set a personal best, but the hot and humid summer weather here in Yokohama continues to linger.  As a result, I haven’t had a chance to really assess my conditioning on the open road.  Over the 9 week period, I would estimate half my mileage has been on the treadmill and when I have run outside, it was so hot and humid, that I couldn’t really open up my pace.  However, the runs on the treadmill have been pretty good and those runs have kept me sane and maintained my confidence.

My training plan has been relatively simple.  I run three times a week, normally intervals on Tuesday, a tempo on Thursday, and a long run on Sunday.  The intervals so far have primarily been made up of hill training and 800s, but now I’m beginning to mix it up a bit with some shorter and longer intervals.  The tempo run has normally been around 10 miles, but I’ll also be varying the distances over the next 7 weeks to get some shorter, but faster tempo runs in.  I usually alternate the long run each week, between 15 and 20 miles.  I did 20 miles today on the treadmill (still too hot and humid here in Japan) and averaged a 7:13 per mile pace.  I’m planning on doing a 22-miler and a 24-miler before the marathon.  Weekly I’ve been running between 30 to 40 miles.

In between my running days, I’ve doing some core training with the kettebell and yoga.  Also, I do some bike riding when I find the time.  This routine seems to be working well for me and haven’t really had any significant injuries to speak of.  I’ve also been trying to eat well and get plenty of rest.  Been pretty good about staying away from the junk food and eating more moderately.  On average I get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.  I’ve lost about 5 lbs since starting this training cycle and I believe I’m in the range of my ideal running weight of about 140 – 145 lbs.  Just need to keep the press up until the marathon.

Been starting to put a little thought into race strategy.  My goal going in is to run a sub-3:10 time, and will try to run the first half conservatively and not try to bank time early.  I’ll attempt to keep the pace between 7:10 to 7:20 and hope to average about 7:15 for the entire marathon.  What has been a downfall for me in the past is where I start feeling strong around the 10 to 15 mile point and begin pushing the pace only to run out of gas the last few miles.  I’ll need to discipline myself to hold back and instead of at the 10 to 15 mile point, if I still feel strong at around 22 miles, that may be an opportunity to try and push the pace a little if I feel I have it in me.  But who knows, come race day, your mind starts playing tricks on you.

The excitement of running the New York Marathon hasn’t really set in yet.  I guess I’m still far out from the race to really start getting the jitters.  I just hope I can continue to put the pieces in place to run the race of my life.

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