Newton Gravity Trainers, Honey Stingers Gels and Training Update

3rd and 4th pair of Newton Gravity Trainers

Newton Gravity Land-Lever-Lift Natural Running Technology

I’ve decided to stick with the Newton Gravity Trainers as my running shoe of choice.  Can’t say I’m 100% impressed with them, but they do appear to work as advertised.  I just bought two new pairs to rotate and expect to get about 600 miles out of each pair.  This should last me about 9 months.  The shoes are pretty pricey at about $160 a pair, but I have been able to get more miles out of them than previous shoes, so the net cost per year is probably on par of what I historically spend on running shoes annually.  Since I started running in these shoes about a year ago, I have not had any significant injuries and have set PRs in the 5K, 10K, and half marathon in them.  I figured why mess with success.  I do have one pet peeve, and that is when the shoes get wet when it rains or I sweat heavily in the summer, the insoles start to bunch up at the front of the shoe.  Not sure how to fix this in the future, maybe I’ll super glue them.  I’ll be running in these for the upcoming New York Marathon in six weeks.  Click here for previous review of shoes.

Chocolate Honey Stinger Gel

I tried Honey Stinger gels for the first time today on my long run.  I ordered the chocolate flavor.  They are very sweet and tasty, but didn’t seem to sit well in my stomach.  I must admit that I didn’t drink water with them as recommended, so that may have had something to do with it.  It was also the first time I tried them, so maybe my body just needs to get used to them.  I’ll try them again on next week’s long run with water and see if that makes a difference.  The one thing I like about them is that they are natural.

Six more weeks until the big marathon.  Training went very well this week.  Tuesday I did my interval run on the treadmill – 1200s X 6 @ 4:24 each 1200 (5:52/mile pace).  Friday I did a 11-mile tempo run averaging a 6:52/mile pace.  And today, Sunday, I ran 15 miles averaging a 6:59/mile pace.  In between run days, I did core work with the kettlebell and yoga.  The weather has started to cool and being able to run outside at the paces I ran this week gave me a boost of confidence that I’m on tract to run a good marathon.

Tempo Run –

Long Run –

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