Afternoon Coffee (Yokohama)

After running 22 miles this morning, the wife and I took a bike ride down to the Yokohama Archives of History Museum, which used to be the British Consulate General building back in the early 1900s.  They had an interesting exhibit of photography of 1950s Yokohama when U.S. Occupation Forces were running the city.  Unfortunately, they don’t allow photos, so I couldn’t get any pictures inside the museum.  Afterward, we stopped for some cheap coffee and baked bread close to Yokohama Stadium on Nihon-Odori Street.

Old British Consulate General Office (Built in 1931)

Yokohama Archives of History Museum

Random photo.

Performing Arts Theater

Sidewalk along Yamashita Park.

Corner of Nihon-Odori street.

Interesting convienence store, has a bakery and a variety of fresh coffee to choose from. Also, has tables and chairs so you can take in the atmosphere along Nihon-Odori street - and very cheap.

Afternoon snack, coffee and a couple of fresh baked breads (salt and cheese bread) - total cost US$5.75.

These four Laborghinis were line up in front of where we were drinking coffee. I'm not much of a car guy, but the cars do draw attention.

Taxi in Yokohama, very expensive. The meter starts at US$9.50 and that will only get you 2 kilometers before it starts clicking like mad. I think I'll stick to riding my bike.

This is a banner for the local professional baseball team, the Yokohama Bay Stars. Unfortunately, there was no revolution this year as they again were the worst team in Japan. Maybe next year!

Random photo, butterfly in our front yard.

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