Only 5 Weeks Until the ING New York City Marathon!

Only 5 more weeks and I’ll be toeing the starting line on Staten Island for the world’s largest marathon.  Now that it is about a month away, I’m beginning to get excited and will be refining my training over the next few weeks to squeeze that last bit of improvement in my fitness.  In reality, I only have about 2 weeks of hard training, then I go into a 3 week taper, and there is really not much more you can do once the taper begin except to ensure you ratchet down the mileage (but maintain the intensity), rest, eat well, relax, and don’t do anything stupid that would compromise your performance on race day.

This was a productive week of training, with a solid interval, tempo and long run.  In between running days, I did core workouts (with the kettlebell) and yoga.  Below is a summary of each run this week.

Interval Run (Tuesday – 9/27/11) – Felt okay today. Little bit of rain, 66 degrees, 73% humidity, N 15 mph wind, 57 degree dewpoint. Missed a bit on my 1000s (wanted to run under 3:37), but ran a good 2000 (goal was under 7:36), so overall, not a bad interval session.

10 minute warm-up
1000m – 3:43 (5:55/mile pace)
400m – Rest
2000m – 7:27 (5:57/mile pace)
400m – Rest
1000m – 3:42 (5:53/mile pace)
400m – Rest
1000m – 3:38 (5:46/mile pace)
10 minute cooldown

Tempo Run (Wednesday – 9/29/11) – Good run today, 1 mile warm-up, 5 miles at tempo pace.  Tempo pace ranged from 6:15 – 6:29 per mile (average 6:23/mile) on a somewhat downhill course.  Good running conditions, 64 degrees, 73% humidity, NNW 10 mph wind, 55 degree dewpoint.

Long Run (Sunday – 10/2/11) – Finally able to get a decent long run in outside.  This was a confidence builder, running around marathon pace for 22 miles and still had a little gas left in the tank.  The first few miles were sluggish, but got into a nice groove after the first 5 miles.  Good running weather, cloudy, 64 degrees, 59% humidity, 50 degree dewpoint, NNE 6 mph wind.  Drank about 1.5 liters of liquid and had 3 energy gels every 45 minutes (Chocolate Honey Stingers).  Started run at 146.6 lbs, ended 141 lbs – lost 5.6 lbs.

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