Random Photos Over the Past Two Weeks

Random photos I’ve taken over the past two weeks around Bangkok and Yokohama.

Elevated walkway from Yamashita Park to the Red Brick Warehouse - Yokohama Customs Building.

Hotel room in Bangkok at the J. W. Marriott.

Nice bathroom, J. W. Marriott, Bangkok.

Hotel room art.

J.W. Marriott doing what they can for the environment.

View from hotel room in Bangkok.

View from hotel.

View from hotel room.

Thai bank building.

Lobby in the J.W. Marriott.


Starbucks latte in Bangkok, they had a very friendly staff.

Grafitti art in Bangkok.

More graffitti art.

There were lots of stray dogs walking around Bangkok.

Intersection close to Yokohama Stadium.

Soba noodle dinner.

Street show in Yokohama. Not exacty sure what it was all about, but it the performers were from London.

Yamashita Park and Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Yokohama Customs Building dome at night.

Intersection at Hinodecho Station.

Around Tobe Station.

Entrance to underground walkway at Yokohama Station.

Under the train rails at Yokohama Station.

Elevated highways close to Yokohama Station.

Tracks leading into Yokohama Station.

Front of Yokohama Station.

Boxing gym ad.

Nissan's global headquarters on the far left.

Sogo Department Store, used to be the largest department store in the world, but not sure if it still retains that title.

Statute and water fountain at Yamashita Park.

Statute above was given to the Yokohama by its sister-city San Diego in May 1960.

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