Two Weeks Until the New York City Marathon

Only two more weeks until the New York City Marathon.  Seemed like it took forever to get to the final weeks of preparation, but time seems to be accelerating now.  This was the first week of my three week taper.  Although the mileage was reduced by about 20% from my normal training weeks, the intensity of each workout was still pretty high.  The intensity may actually have been a little too high since my glutes and hamstrings were still a little sore during this morning’s long run from Friday’s interval workout (Yasso 800s).  Probably need to make sure I just do the workouts as planned and not push the pace harder than it needs to be.  This week I’ll be reducing my mileage another 20%, with an interval (5 x 1000s), tempo (3 miles @ tempo pace), and 10-mile long run.  I’ll also schedule a nice sports massage next Sunday to try and keep the legs limber.

In other news, I picked up my new Trek FX 7.3 bike from the shop today.  Really nice ride, planning to commute a couple times to work during the week, about 14 miles one-way.  Feel I need to bring in some other form of exercise into my training plan for balance and to bring my fitness to the next level.  We’ll see how it works out.

My new commuter bike (Trek, FX 7.3).

Below is a summary of my running workouts this week.  In between running days, I did kettlebell core fitness training and yoga.

Tempo Run (Tuesday, 10/18) – Good solid tempo run today. 1 mile warm-up, 5 miles @ tempo pace. Average tempo pace was 6:33/mile. Weather was okay, 68 degrees, 73% humidity, NNE 15 mph wind, 59 degree dewpoint. Got about 7 hours sleep. No pains. Ran in Newtons.

Intervals (Friday, Yasso 800s, 10/21) – Good solid tempo run this morning. Started the 800s a little fast, but was able to keep the time pretty consistent throughout, ranging from 2:46 ~ 2:52. Ran 10 x 800s, with a 2:30 slow recovery jog between intervals. Easily ran each 800 under 3 minutes, which gives me the confidence that my fitness level going into the NY marathon in a couple weeks is right where I want it. This was the last hard workout before the marathon, so it is all downhill from here. 1st 800 – 2:47 (5:34/mile pace) 2nd 800 – 2:46 (5:32/mile pace) 3rd 800 – 2:46 (5:32/mile pace) 4th 800 – 2:46 (5:32/mile pace) 5th 800 – 2:50 (5:40/mile pace) 6th 800 – 2:49 (5:39/mile pace) 7th 800 – 2:50 (5:40/mile pace) 8th 800 – 2:51 (5:42/mile pace) 9th 800 – 2:52 (5:44/mile pace) 10th 800 – 2:46 (5:32/mile pace) Average 800 – 2:48 (5:36/mile pace) Weather – 66 degrees, 73% humidity, NNE 15 mph wind, 57 degree dewpoint. Ran in Newtons. No pains. About 6 hours sleep last night.

Long Run (Sunday, 10/23) – Did a 13 mile run this morning, slightly faster than marathon pace. My usually trusty Garmin 405 watch was acting strange today, felt like some of my splits were showing up either too slow or too fast. I think the cloud cover and also running under a highway overpass for part of the run may have messed with the satellite signal. Oh well, good solid run today and the pace felt comfortable. This was my first week of a three week taper, but my glutes and hamstrings were a little sore today from the Yasso 800s workout on Friday. Probably need to take it a little easier this week. Weather today was warm and very humid, 73 degrees, 83% humidity, SSW 15 mph wind, 68 degrees dewpoint. Took in no fluids during run. Started run at 145.8 lbs, finished at 139 lbs, but didn’t really feel that dehydrated at the end. Got about 6 hours sleep last night. Ran in Newtons. No pains.

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