One Week Until the New York City Marathon

Hard to believe, but this time next week I’ll be on a ferry taking me to the start line on Staten Island.  I guess it snowed in New York yesterday, but the weather next Sunday is predicted to be partly cloudy with temperatures between 47 – 54 degrees, with a 10% chance of rain.  When it comes to running marathons, I don’t think it gets much better than this.  But we are still a week out, so I’ll be continuing to watch the weather daily.

I’ll be flying out on Tuesday evening on a direct flight from Tokyo to New York — about 13 hours.  This will give me plenty of time (5 days) to get over the jet lag and be rested and ready on Sunday morning.  Booked what appears to be a nice and relatively inexpensive hotel in Queens called The Verve, didn’t want to pay the exorbitant Manhattan prices, and the hotel is close to the subway to take me anywhere in the city.  Plan to buy a MetroCard when I arrive at JFK airport, which will let your ride the subway and buses for 7 days for $29.   Also, plan to get a New York City Pass for $79, providing access to some of the cities major attractions for about half the price.

As far as training, completed my second taper week today.  Kept the intensity up, but reduced mileage by about 40% from my normal weekly mileage.  I did bike to work a couple times this week, which totaled about 62 cycling miles, so not sure it that will help or hurt.  This upcoming week, I only plan to run an interval (6 x 400s) on Tuesday and 3 miles at marathon pace on Friday, really want to rest the legs as much as possible.  I also got a 2 hour sports massage today, which should help relax and heal the muscles over the next few days.

The key this week is to try and take it easy and keep loose.  I plan to rest as much as humanly possible, sleep 8 or 9 hours a night along with naps, and eat clean (quality carbs and say hydrated with water).  I want to stay far away from any fast food.  Although I plan to play tourist, it will be at a very slow pace just taking it all in and not rushing around trying to see all the sights.  Other than trying to relax and remain focused on Sunday, I don’t have a planned agenda and will see what each day brings.  It will be a great time to catch up on some reading too.

Best of luck to all those running the marathon!

Training recap this week.

Monday (10/24) – Kettlebell/Yoga/Biked 31 miles.

Tuesday (10/25, Intevals – 5 x 1000s) – 5 x 1000s on a hilly loop, kept it at a moderate pace today since I’m halfway into my taper. Foggy this morning, 66 degrees, 94% humidity, NE 6 mph wind, 64 degree dewpoint. Felt kind of flat today. No pains. About 7 hours sleep. Ran in Newtons.

Wednesday (10/26) – Biked 31 miles.

Thursday (10/27) – Kettlebell/Yoga

Friday (10/28, Tempo) – Short tempo run this morning. Two miles warm-up, 3 miles @ tempo pace – averaged 6:18/mile during tempo. Overall, felt pretty strong today. Although chilly, it was perfect running weather, 54 degrees, 74% humidity, NNW 12 mph wind, 45 degree dewpoint. Got about 7 hours sleep. Ran in Newtons. No pains.

Saturday (10/29) – Kettlebell/Yoga

Sunday (10/30, Long Run) – Okay run today. Felt flat at the beginning, got comfortable during the middle miles, little tired toward the end. Last long run before next week’s marathon. Ran about 10 seconds faster than marathon pace and it was hard to try and not run faster. Plan to do very little running next week, want to let the body relax and heal. Maybe a few 400 intervals on Tuesday and a short 3 mile run at MP on Thursday or Friday. Tapering is always a mixed bag, you know you need to rest and there is not anything you can do at this point to improve, but mentally, you feel you need get out there. Plan on getting a nice 2 hour sports massage this afternoon, which should facilitate with clearing the junk from the muscles. Good running weather, but windy, 63 degrees, 68% humidity, N 14 mph wind, 52 degree dewpoint. Ran in Newtons. No pains. 7 hours sleep.

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2 Responses to One Week Until the New York City Marathon

  1. Good Luck! I’ve just started writing about my journey towards my first half marathon – We’ll see how this one goes, then maybe think about the New York marathon next year – let me know how it goes!

    • Thank you for the comment. Also, good luck to you on the half marathon, running is such a wonderful sport. Have you picked a half marathon out yet? I find I’m more motivated after knowing what my target race will be.

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