Recent Restaurant Meals (Yokohama)

The wife and I enjoy eating out a few times a week and Yokohama is full of good restaurants.  We rarely have a bad meal in Japan and contrary to perception, eating out in Japan is relatively inexpensive and the portions are sensible.  Most meal sets in Japan at your average restaurant are between US$7 – US$12 for lunch with dinner usually a little more expensive.  Of course you have your high end restaurants where you can really blow through some cash, but we only visit those places on special occasions.

Here are some set meals we ate over the weekend — Japan is big on the set menu.  Also, last night we came across a great jazz band performing for free in front of Kannai Hall.  It was one of those moments you don’t expect but was a nice opportunity to sit back and take in life.

Jazz band performing in front of Kannai Hall.

Thai restaurant (Chanpha) we ate at last night.

Spring rolls.

Green curry set.

Japanese food menu set - rice, mini shrimp, miso soup, veggies, and pickles.

As much as I love this country, I wish they put more controls on smoking, but they are slowly making progress.

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