Final Preps for the New York City Marathon

Just finished my final preps for the marathon tomorrow morning.  I’m feeling very positive about this race since the weather is shaping up to be as good as you can hope.  The forecast tomorrow is sunny, starting in the mid-40s and finishing in the mid-50s.  Winds are expected to be light, 3 – 6 mph.  Really can’t ask for anything better than this.  My only regret is that I didn’t bring my sunglasses.

Been carbo-loading all week on pasta and breads.  Also, been keeping hydrated pretty well.  Considering I’m traveling, I feel I ate relatively healthy this week.  I’m pretty sure I’m fueled well and topped off at this point.  Sleep has been erratic this week, never really got over the jet lag.  However, counting the long naps in the late afternoons I’ve been taking, I’ve been getting about 7 – 9 hours of sleep a day.  I certainly don’t feel sleep deprived.  Hopefully, tonight I can get some decent sleep, but usually that is difficult the night before the marathon.  I plan to do about 20 minutes of light yoga before bed, so hopefully that will help relax me.  One positive is that we turn back the clocks one hour tonight due to daylight savings time, giving me an extra hour to sleep.

Logistics tomorrow are a bit cumbersome.  I need to leave the hotel around 4:40 AM and catch the subway to the Staten Island Ferry.  From there, I take a ferry to Staten Island, then have to catch a bus to the starting line.  Then you go through security, check in your clear plastic bag they provided you, maybe grab a coffee in the runner’s village and wait a couple hours before getting into your corral.  So it makes for a long morning of anticipation.

As you can see below, I’ve completed my preps for tomorrow.  Also, trimmed the toenails, learned this important tip from previous marathons to avoid the bloody sock.

Good luck to all marathoners this Sunday!

This will be my outside shell as I head to the marathon. The pants will go in the clear check-in bag once I get to the village. The jacket is disposable and cost $10 at the expo. I plan to wear it at the start and throw it away after getting warmed up.

This is my running outfit for tomorrow. Plan to wear a tank-top, underarmour underwear, shorts, running socks, Newton Gravitys, arm warmers, and gloves. The gloves are disposable (cost about $1), so if I don't need them later in the race, I'll discard them. I'm probably going to wish I brought my sunglasses.

These items are essential I have learned from previous marathons in order to have a comfortable race. Body glide is to prevent chafing in sensitive areas, sunscreen, band-aids for nipples (may use the liquid sample provided in the goody bag), and chapstick.

I will be holding this stuff in my armband during the marathon: Honey stingers, electrolyte pills (for cramping), NYC Metrocard, hotel key, identification, and some cash.

The marathon allow you to check-in a clear plastic bag for dry clothes after the race. I'll be packing my pants, a shirt, Metro map, and NYC marathon information packet. After the race I'll be throwing on my dry clothes over my running clothes and head to the subway back to my hotel for a nice warm shower.

Tomorrow's breakfast. Bought a 12-inch veggie subway sandwich tonight and ate half of it. Will eat the other half tomorrow morning.

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