Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

This time tomorrow I should be finished running the New York City Marathon and soothing my sore muscles.  I limited my sightseeing today to taking the water taxi out to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, don’t want to over stress the legs by walking around too much.  I must say that seeing the Statue of Liberty up close is pretty emotional, makes you proud to be an American, definitely special.

Here are some photos from today.

Statue of Liberty, she definitely radiates the ideals of the United States - I could feel it.

Staten Island Ferry Terminal, where I'll be catching the ferry tomorrow at 6 AM to the start line.

Boardwalk at Battery Park.

Vietnam Memorial at Battery Park.

Battery Park

Inside water taxi heading toward the Statue of Liberty.

American flag on Liberty Island.

Statue of Liberty from the back.

New York City from Liberty Island.

Ellis Island immigration building.

Ellis Island registry area.

Ellis Island

Blocked off Wall Street, look like they were shooting a movie. Heard they are filming the next Batman movie.

Today's lunch. Last big carbo meal before the marathon. Plan to eat something light tonight.

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