Last Night In New York City — Rockefeller Center

On my last night in New York City, I decided to visit Rockefeller Center (still had one ticket left in my City Pass booklet).  Although my legs were a little sore from finishing the marathon a few hours earlier, I figured it was good to walk around a bit.  It was a nice night and a great way to cap off a wonderful week in this amazing city.  Here are a few photos.

Lower Plaza of Rockefeller Center.

GE Building at Rockefeller Center.

NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center.

From the "Top of the Rock" (GE Building) at Rockefeller Center. The Empire State Building light colors was a tribute to the NYC marathon.

Chrysler Building in the distance.

Although happy to be heading home, this trip will be one of my more treasured experiences. Thank you New York for the memories -- I'll be back soon!!

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5 Responses to Last Night In New York City — Rockefeller Center

  1. Tim says:

    Congrats on finally running the race!

  2. Tim says:

    Oh, wow! Thanks. I’m glad to hear you like it. It’s not very tasty though, but if you like to keep it simple (no cooking and practically 100 percent vegan) then it’s one way (of many) to eat.

    3:15:44 in New York is outstanding!!! Big congratulations. I enjoyed reading your training updates and I’ve been using your knowledge and advice to apply to my own training. I especially liked how you scheduled your workouts. I’ve borrowed a lot of your knowledge and advice from this blog when planning my own races and running on my own.

    And honestly, it’s an extremely interesting read! It’s hard to find people who write about running… in Japan… in English! I look forward reading more.

    Good luck at Kobe in a few more days.

    • Thanks for reading the blog. I sometimes wonder if anyone reads or gets anything out of it, but I enjoy just throwing stuff up and sorting out my thoughts.

      I’ve been tempted to go vegan, but find it just so difficult to do in Japan, unless you eat all your meals at home – and we like to eat out a few times a week. I’m not a big meat eater, but do indulge on occasion, but pretty much stick to grains, beans and veggies. The pictures of the food you post looks so fresh and simple, very appealing to me.

      Kobe is going to be an interesting marathon. Most likely it will just be a fun run for me since I kind of put everything into NY. It will be nice to just relax and take it all in without worrying about the time.

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