Morning Bike Stroll (Yokohama)

After raining all day yesterday, the air this morning was so clean and crisp.  The wife and I rode our bikes around the Yokohama bayfront area to take in the peaceful morning.  Here are a few random photos.

The air this morning was so refreshing and the skies were blue.

Intersection close to Yamashita Park.

While crossing the street on our way to Yamashita Park we came across this somewhat hidden historical monument. It is a tribute to Dr. James Curtis Hepburn, who was instrumental in translating the Bible to Japanese, developing the first Japanese-English dictionary and importing Western medicine.

For more information on Dr. Hepburn, click here.

Dr. Hepburn Monument

Looks like they have an Africa Festival this weekend in Yamashita Park.

Yamashita Park

I'm a fan of film director legend Akira Kurosawa and spotted a truck from his studio. Wonder where they are filming?

Random Photo

Random Photo

The former Yokohama Minato Train Station site.

Remains of Yokohama Minato Station.

World Porters already prepared for Christmas.

Starbucks in Isezaki-cho.

Starbucks coffee caffine fix.

Rare to see a Starbucks so empty. I'm sure it won't be for long.

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