Quick Trip to Singapore

Earlier this week I took a quick trip to Singapore for a few days for business.  Didn’t get to see much other than airports and my hotel room.  I stayed at my favorite boutique hotel called The Quincy Hotel.  It is a stylish and all-inclusive hotel (e.g., includes pickup from the airport to hotel in Mercedes Benz that had Wi-Fi, three meals a day, mini-bar, laundry, Internet, newspapers, fitness center, pool, bottled water and snacks)  and I try to stay here whenever I visit Singapore.  The service is also very good.  The rooms are a bit on the small side and some of the design is quirky, but overall, a great hotel.

Singapore is a very nice city – safe, modern, clean and very convenient.  However, it is heavily commercialized and becoming more and more expensive.  Just take a walk down Orchard Road and you’ll know what I mean.  As much as I’ve enjoyed visiting Singapore over the years, the city-state has a very corporate feel to it and money is its lifeblood.  Maybe this is an unfair statement, but that’s my perception.  There is culture to the city with a very diverse ethnic population making it a great place to eat and observe the people around you.  If you are a Westerner visiting Asia for the first time, this may be one of the easiest cities to visit since everyone speaks English and there is a large foreign population.


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I’m in my mid-40s and have been running for about 19 years. I have finished 24 marathons with a personal best time of 3:04. I currently reside in San Diego, CA. I enjoy running since it keeps you honest and will give back what you put into it. Work hard, but smart, and good results will eventually follow. I like to experiment with training plans, gadgets, shoes, and nutrition to find what works for me. The primary purpose of this blog is to document my training and thoughts about running in my ongoing quest to improve my fitness and health.
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