Quick Trip to Singapore

Earlier this week I took a quick trip to Singapore for a few days for business.  Didn’t get to see much other than airports and my hotel room.  I stayed at my favorite boutique hotel called The Quincy Hotel.  It is a stylish and all-inclusive hotel (e.g., includes pickup from the airport to hotel in Mercedes Benz that had Wi-Fi, three meals a day, mini-bar, laundry, Internet, newspapers, fitness center, pool, bottled water and snacks)  and I try to stay here whenever I visit Singapore.  The service is also very good.  The rooms are a bit on the small side and some of the design is quirky, but overall, a great hotel.

Singapore is a very nice city – safe, modern, clean and very convenient.  However, it is heavily commercialized and becoming more and more expensive.  Just take a walk down Orchard Road and you’ll know what I mean.  As much as I’ve enjoyed visiting Singapore over the years, the city-state has a very corporate feel to it and money is its lifeblood.  Maybe this is an unfair statement, but that’s my perception.  There is culture to the city with a very diverse ethnic population making it a great place to eat and observe the people around you.  If you are a Westerner visiting Asia for the first time, this may be one of the easiest cities to visit since everyone speaks English and there is a large foreign population.

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