Marathon Training Diet Experiment

I haven’t talked much about diet or nutrition on my blog, but I’m going to try an experiment this training cycle and document with pictures everything I eat each week.  In general, I would say I eat relatively healthy, but tend to indulge and overeat on occasion and estimate that I eat healthy about 80% of the time.  I would like to improve this to 95% of the time.  I seem most susceptible of bad eating habits after dinner and on weekends.  By documenting everything I eat and posting it online, I think it will make me more accountable and disciplined in what I stick in my mouth.

The goal is not necessarily to lose any weight, but to ensure a healthy balanced diet that provides sufficient energy for an endurance athlete.  I’m looking for a natural diet that facilitates recovering from a workout, but isn’t too taxing to digest.  Also, I want to try to make it a habit to eat until I’m 80% full and avoid the overstuffed feeling.

To keep this simple, I’ve laid out some general guidelines below.  I don’t plan on counting calories or being overly restrictive and will listen to the body by mindfully eating.

1.  When eating, minimize distractions and focus on the taste of the food.  No television, internet, e-mail, reading or whatever when eating.

2.  Thoroughly chew each bite and don’t rush the meal.  When I feel about 80% full, close the meal out.

3.  Lots of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, tofu, beans, nuts, and tap water.

4.  Moderate amounts of caffeine, dairy products, and lean proteins such as chicken breast and fish.

5.  Minimize simple carbohydrates, sweets, and fried foods.

6.  Avoid alcohol, soda, red meat, and unhealthy fast food.

Although I’m not planning on losing any significant amount of weight, I do plan to track my weight on a weekly basis.  As of this morning I weighed 144.4 lbs (about 65.5 kg).

Below are some pictures of meals I’ve eaten at home this past week.  As you’ll notice, there is an Asian slant to the meals.  I plan to stick to the same food make-up, but just be more disciplined on not overeating and avoiding the junk food snacks which are not pictured below.  So we’ll see what happens.

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