Marathon Training Meals (Week 2 of 13)

Completed a second week of relatively clean eating as I train for the upcoming Tokyo Marathon.  Kept junk food to a minimum and have been sticking to a diet full of carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruits with a moderate amount of protein.  I did overeat on a few occasions, breaking my “stop eating at 80% full guideline.”  Will need to be a little more disciplined this upcoming week.

My weight was a little higher than last week, but I seem to be doing a decent job of balancing my calories with energy expenditures.  A weight range of 140 to 145 lbs seems to be about right for me.  Plan to be in the the low 140s come race day.

Start – 144.4 lbs (65.5 kg)

Week 1  – 141.5 lbs (64.2 kg)

Week 2 – 143.5 lbs (65.1 kg)

Here’s a list of the core things I ate:  Rice, natto, vegetables, lots of bananas, apples, sushi, mikans, beans, noodles, whole wheat cereal, almonds, dried mango, bagels, vegetable/bean soup, eggs, chocolate, chicken wraps, tofu, yogurt, tea, coffee and tap water.

Below are pictures of what I ate all week, although I forgot to photograph a couple meals.

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