Packed for Trip to Seoul – One Backpack

Just finished packing for a four day trip to Seoul, Korea and will be leaving this evening.  Although I’ve been to Korea (primarily Busan) a few times in recent years, it has been over 20 years since I’ve been back to Seoul — around the time they were hosting the 1988 Olympics.  I’m sure it has changed a lot, no more cheap knock off shoe and clothing stores lining the shopping districts.  Fine with me, I’m not really there to go shopping anyway, mainly want to do some sightseeing, experience the culture, and eat delicious Korean food.

A challenge for me is to see how little I can pack since I like to travel light and keep it minimalist.  Since I am not planning on running, instead of packing the duffel bag, I decided to try and keep it to one mid-size backpack.  I’m sure there is some room for improvement, especially on the electronics.

Mission accomplished – with a little room to spare!

Two pair of jeans, two long sleeve shirts, four t-shirts, four briefs, four pairs of socks, belt, netbook, kindle, wallet, passports, gloves, jacket, glasses, iPhone, Blackberry, power cords, grooming and hygiene items, and digital camera. However, I plan to wear the jacket, belt, pair of jeans, long sleeve shirt - so those items won't need to be put in the backpack.

My packed Columbia backpack.

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