Last Day in Seoul (War Memorial of Korea, Congee, and Nanta)

After a busy two days, we decided to take it easy for our last day in Seoul.  This morning we walked (and it was very cold) down to the War Memorial of Korea (free) and spent a couple hours going through the various exhibits.  Then took the subway to the shopping district of Myeongdong to have lunch and see a musical called Nanta.  For lunch we ate congee (rice porridge)  — another great-tasting and inexpensive meal (6,000 won, less than US$6).  The musical Nanta, which has been performed all over the world, was very entertaining a nice way to cap off a wonderful vacation to this awesome city.

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2 Responses to Last Day in Seoul (War Memorial of Korea, Congee, and Nanta)

  1. Jiwoo Park says:

    I’m Korean live in kwangmyung city very close with Seoul.
    I hope you enjoyed at Korea and take off all of your stressful things.

    I got a chance to visit your blog to search information abouot bakck trip.
    I’m actually planning to visit Thailand by backpack trip.

    I enjoyed your blog containg lot of beautiful photos.
    but there are more interesting things in and around Seoul!
    any way, thanks for visiting and hope you to have greatly good luck in 2012.


    • Jiwoo,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment! I really enjoyed Korea and look forward to coming back. I’m sure there is so much more to see and eat!

      Hope you enjoy your trip to Thailand. I’ve only been to Bangkok, but it is a beautiful country with wonderful people. Definitely need to go back there too to experience more of the culture.

      Happy New Year and Best Wishes!!


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