Running Goals for 2012

Below is a recap of my running goals and what I achieved in 2011 along with my goals for 2012.  As you’ll see, my goals for 2012 are mostly the same or incremental improvements over my achievements in 2011.  The reason why I did this is because 2011’s goals were fairly difficult to begin with and I didn’t want to set new goals that were unrealistic.  I think I am at a point in my running where I can still improve, but won’t see any substantial breakthroughs.  And what I’ve found with running, you need to be patient with improvements, they will come with smart training and persistence, but just not on an accelerated timetable.


Recap of 2011 Goals:

1.  Run 1,400 miles – Achieved, on track to logging 1,650 miles in 2011.

2.  Run 4 marathons – Due to the Japan earthquakes in March, I was unable to run the Nagano Marathon, so was only able to run three marathons this year – Houston, New York, and Kobe.

3.  Run a sub 19 minute 5K – Achieved, in May I ran a 5K in 18:26, a new PR.

4.  Run a sub 40 minute 10K – Achieved, in May I ran a 10K in 39:28, a new PR.

5.  Run a sub 1:30 half marathon – Achieved, in February I ran a half marathon in 1:27:55, a new PR.

6.  Run a sub 3:15 full marathon (Boston Marathon Qualifying Time) – Missed by 44 seconds at the New York City Marathon in November, but I did set a new PR at this distance.

Goals for 2012:

1.  Run 1,600 miles

2.  Run 4 Marathons

3.  Run a sub 18:15 minute 5K race

4.  Run a sub 39 minute 10K race

5.  Run a sub 1:27 half marathon race

6.  Run a sub 3:15 marathon and qualify to register for the Boston Marathon

7.  Incorporate 2 days of cross-training (cycling/spinning) per week

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