Tokyo Marathon Training Update (Week 6 of 13)

Another quality week of training in the bag.  I’m almost halfway through this training cycle and feeling stronger each week.  Reducing the amount of cross-training a couple weeks ago was the right thing to do, although I still think it is an important component to my overall training.  I’m about right where I want to be, but I need to continue to be conscious of not pushing the pace too hard and end up peaking too early.  I’ve been really killing my tempo runs the last couple weeks, but I’m wondering if I may be doing more long-term harm than good by running so hard.  May need to take it down a notch this week.

The body seems to be responding well to the running workouts as well as the supplemental exercises I’m doing.  I am not experiencing any pains and seem to bounce back from a hard workout rather quickly.  I have started using the foam roller for about five minutes on the days I run, which seems to help with the recovery.

I ran on Tuesday (intervals), Thursday (tempo), and Sunday (long run).  I did a 60 minute kettlebell/yoga session on Wednesday and Saturday.  I also did a 20 minute stand alone yoga session on Sunday after my long run, seems to help keep me limber.  As cross-training, I got on the spin bike at the gym for about 50 minutes at a moderate effort (i.e., burning about 500 calories @ ~95 RPMs) on Monday and Friday.  To add a little more variety, I did about 20 minutes of free weights (curls, presses, etc.) and body weight (pull-ups, dips, planks) strength training exercises on Monday just to bring some muscle confusion into the mix.

The diet continues to be relatively clean.  Although far from depriving myself any food, I continue to see a slight reduction in weight every week.  Rest has been plentiful, I’m averaging about 7.5 – 8 hours of sleep a night (plus a mid-day catnap of about 30 minutes).  I was suppose to make a trans-Pacific business trip to Boston this week, but luckily the trip was canceled, so I’m able to continue my training routine uninterrupted.  Travel is always a challenge to cope with during a training cycle, but fortunately it looks like my schedule will be clear until the Tokyo Marathon at the end of February.

Detailed recap of my runs this week.

1/3, Tuesday (Yasso 800s, 10 x 800s Intervals, Treadmill, 2% incline) – Good interval workout this morning. 10 x 800s with 90 seconds rest jog between intervals. First 8 intervals completed in 2:56 (5:52/mile pace), 9th interval 2:53 (2:46/mile pace), and 10th interval 2:51 (2:42/mile pace). Actually ran a full kilometer as my last interval.

1/5, Thursday (Tempo, 10 miles, average pace 6:33/mile) – Legs very springy today. Rolled out of bed and felt good from the first step and throughout the run. Guess my body like the cold and crisp weather. Kept a fairly consistent pace throughout run (6:12 – 6:45/mile pace). 37 degrees, 38% humidity, WNW 10 mph wind. Ran in Newtons. No pains. Got about 7.5 hours sleep.

1/8, Sunday (Long Run, 27 miles, average pace 7:51) – Okay run today, bit of an effort. Ran the first half of the run at a moderate 8 minute pace, but picked it up in the second half by running slightly faster than marathon pace. Good weather, but a little windy. Mid-40s, 30% humidity, N 14 mph wind. Ran in Newtons. Got about 8 hours sleep last night. No pains.

Total Running Miles – 38 miles (week’s goal – 36 miles)

Total Cycling Miles – Two 50 minute sessions on spin bike Monday and Friday

Strength/Yoga – 3 hours (week’s goal 3 hours)

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