Marathon Training Diet (Week 7 of 13)

I’m halfway through my training cycle and I’m relatively pleased with my cleaner diet efforts.  This week included more protein (beef, chicken, turkey, cheese and fish) than previous weeks with no real noticeable effects.

My weight fell slightly again this week, but still within the 140 – 145 lb range.  Recovery between hard run workouts has been good, so I’m assuming my diet is balanced with enough nutrients to bounce back quickly.  No real change in muscle mass.  Based upon the consistency in weight, energy expenditures seem to be a little above my calorie intake.

I should mention that in addition to my normal training routine, I try to walk about 30 minutes every night after dinner.  I take a bus to work and will get off a couple bus stops early and walk about 10 minutes to the office.  I avoid taking elevators and will use the stairs whenever possible.  I may also throw in a leisurely bike ride or two on the weekends, maybe between 30 minutes to an hour whenever possible.  Although each individual action may not add up to much as far as calorie burn, over the course of the week, I may expend hundreds of additional calories during the week.

Here is my weight for the past 7 weeks.  To be as consistent as possible, each weight measurement was taken first thing on Saturday morning.

Start – 144.4 lbs (65.5 kg)

Week 1  – 141.5 lbs (64.2 kg) – NOTE:  Think I was dehydrated during this weigh-in.

Week 2 – 143.5 lbs (65.1 kg)

Week 3 – 143.1 lbs (64.9 kg)

Week 4 – 143.7 lbs (65.2 kg)

Week 5 – 142.4 lbs (64.6 kg)

Week 6 – 142.0 lbs (64.4 kg)

Week 7 – 141.8 lbs (64.3 kg)

Here’s a list of the core things I ate:  Rice, natto, vegetables, bananas, apples, oranges, sushi, sukiyaki, roasted chicken, fish, turkey and cheese sandwiches, almonds, rice crackers, nabe soup, whole wheat cereal, almonds, chocolate, tofu, breads, protein smoothies, yogurt, tea, sweat potato, ice cream, cake, popcorn, soy milk, coffee and tap water.

Below are pictures of what I ate all week.

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