Tokyo Marathon Training Update (Week 7 of 13)

I’m halfway through the training cycle and feel I’m on track of where I need to be to run a Boston qualifying time.  Only three more weeks of hard training before the taper period begins.  This was another week of quality training and the body is feeling pretty fresh considering all the speed work.  Finished a 22 mile long run at a 7:20/mile pace this morning and it was not bad at all.

I did slow it down a little this week on my tempo run.  Although I’m feeling pretty good, I am still concerned about peaking too early.  For this upcoming week, I plan to do 25 mile long run, but will probably keep it at a moderate 8:00/mile pace for the first 20 miles.  It’s all about balance, you want to push yourself while training, but you don’t want to go over that fine line of over training.  For me, if I trained correctly, I found a 3-week gradual taper period normally is sufficient to heal the body fully for race day, but if I’ve over trained, I’m not sure if that would be enough time.  I’ve always heard, and agree, that you’re better off being a little under trained than over trained when going into a race.

I am not experiencing any significant pains and seem to bounce back from each hard workout rather quickly.  I did have minor ligament pain under my right toe earlier in the week, but that went away within a couple days.

I ran on Tuesday (intervals), Thursday (tempo), and Sunday (long run).  I did a 60 minute kettlebell/yoga session on Wednesday and Saturday.  I also did a 20 minute stand alone yoga session on Sunday after my long run.  For cross-training, I used the spin bike at the gym for about 50 minutes at a moderate effort (i.e., burning about 500 calories @ ~95 RPMs) on Monday and Friday.  I did about 15 minutes of free weights (curls, presses, etc.) and body weight (pull-ups, dips, planks) strength training exercises.

The diet remains pretty clean and saw another small reduction in my weight again this week.  Rest has been okay, averaging about 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night (plus a mid-day catnap of about 30 minutes).

Detailed recap of my runs this week.

1/10, Tuesday (8 x 800s Intervals, Treadmill, 2% incline, 7 miles) – Okay workout today, 8 x 800s on the treadmill. Did the first seven 800s in 2:54 (5:49/mile pace) and the last 800 in 2:51 (5:42/mile pace). Actually ran over a full kilometer for the last interval. Got sporadic sleep last night, about 6 hours total. Ran in Newtons. Very minor pain on the ligament below the right toe.

1/12, Thursday (Tempo, 10 miles, average pace 6:33/mile) – Decent tempo run this morning, kept it at a steady pace. Pretty cold and windy today. 36 degrees, N 23 mph wind, 48% humidity. Minor pain ligament under right toe seems to be getting better. Little minor pain came and went on both knees. Got about 8 hours sleep last night. Ran in Newtons.

1/15, Sunday (Long Run, 22.5 miles, average pace 7:20) – Good long run today, got stronger as the run progressed. Ran the first half at a moderate pace, then picked it up a bit in the second half — wanted to get home in time to watch the Patriots’ football game. Fairly cold out, high 30s, but luckily not too windy. 38 degrees, ENE 5 mph wind, 42% humidity. 8 hours sleep last night. No pains. Ran in Newtons.

Total Running Miles – 40 miles (week’s goal – 38 miles)

Cross-Training – Two 50 minute sessions on spin bike Monday and Friday

Strength/Yoga – 2.75 hours

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I’m in my mid-40s and have been running for about 19 years. I have finished 24 marathons with a personal best time of 3:04. I currently reside in San Diego, CA. I enjoy running since it keeps you honest and will give back what you put into it. Work hard, but smart, and good results will eventually follow. I like to experiment with training plans, gadgets, shoes, and nutrition to find what works for me. The primary purpose of this blog is to document my training and thoughts about running in my ongoing quest to improve my fitness and health.
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