Tokyo Marathon Training Update (Week 9 of 13)

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this week a 6.  Had a decent interval run early in the week, a lackadaisical tempo run on Thursday, and a okay long run on Sunday.  However, probably not a bad thing, I think I’m breaking down the body and allowing just enough recovery to adequately perform the next hard workout.  I feel I’m right on the fine line of training hard enough to move the needle, but just below the red zone of over training.  Of course I like to feel the spring in my legs every workout, but there are some days where you need to just grind it out.  I’ve been putting in some really long runs over the past few weeks (22 ~ 28 miles) and I think they are beginning to catch up with me.  This training cycle through 9 weeks, I’ve done 6 long runs over 20 miles and the other 3 long runs were between 18 ~ 19 miles.  For the month of January, I will exceed 200 total running miles, which I haven’t done since October 2009.

Because of the relatively high mileage (for me anyway) during this training cycle, I’ll really need fine tune the taper period.  This will be my last week of hard training (capped off with a half marathon race next Sunday), then I’ll go into a 3 week taper.  I’ll need to be more disciplined with my diet, rest and training during this taper to ensure I fully recover from the build-up phase.  Probably do a little more yoga, self massage, and a session or two with a massage therapist when in the taper phase.

Overall, the body still seems to be holding up pretty well.  No significant pains to report other than little irritants here and there.  But I must say I am looking forward to reduce the volume of training after this upcoming week.

For this upcoming week, I will run Yasso 800s (10 x 800s @ 5:42 ~ 5:46 pace, 90 second rest between intervals) and a half marathon next Sunday.  Instead of a hard mid-week tempo, I plan to run it at a moderate pace (7:30/mile), which will allow some additional rest before the half marathon.  I’ll continue my normal cross-training routine of riding the spin bike, yoga, and kettlebell.

The diet remained balanced and I lost 0.3 lbs this week.  My weight is currently 142.6 lbs, but I’d like to fine tune that over the next few weeks and maybe get down to around 140 ~ 141 lbs come race day.  Rest has been good, usually a solid 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night (plus a mid-day catnap of about 30 minutes).

Detailed recap of my workouts this week.

1/23, Monday – Spin Bike (50 minutes, 95 RPMs, 500 calories burned)

1/24, Tuesday (8 x 800s Intervals, Treadmill, 2% incline, 7 miles) – Had a good interval workout this morning. Thought it was going to be a rough one after a 28 mile long run on Sunday, but it wasn’t bad. Ran the first 4 x 800s in 2:53 (5:46/mile pace), next 3 x 800s in 2:51 (5:42/mile pace), and last 800 (actually ran a full kilometer) in 2:49 (5:39/mile pace). Got a good night sleep, about 8 hours. No pains, but legs were a bit tender from the Sunday long run. Ran in Newtons.

1/25, Wednesday – Kettlebell Strength Training and Yoga (60 minutes)

1/26, Thursday (Tempo, 10 miles, average pace 6:54/mile) – Cold and windy, legs didn’t have a lot of spring to them today. 34 degrees, 21 mph N wind. No pains. Ran in Newtons. 8 hours sleep last night.

1/27, Friday – Spin Bike (50 minutes, 95 RPMs, 500 calories burned)

1/28, Saturday – Kettlebell Strength Training and Yoga (60 minutes)

1/29, Sunday (Long Run, 22 miles, average pace 7:36) – Had to grind myself through this run, never really got into a good rhythm. May have been due to the gusty 25 mph NNW wind. Ran the first half at a moderate pace, then the second half at marathon pace. Only 1 more week of hard training, then I’ll begin my 3 week taper for the Tokyo Marathon — only 27 days away. Been eating too much the last couple days, so went a couple extra miles to try and burn a few more calories. Got about 8 hours sleep last night. No significant pains. Ran in Newtons.

1/29, Sunday – Yoga (20 minutes)

Total Running Miles – 40 miles (week’s goal – 37 miles)

Cross-Training – Two 50 minute sessions on spin bike Monday and Friday

Kettlebell Strength/Yoga – 2.5 hours

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