This Week’s Running Articles Around the Web (2/6/12)

Running articles I came across this week that I thought were interesting.

Is Running 26.2 Miles Necessary Before Racing a Marathon? ( – No, not necessary and probably good advice not to run this distance before a marathon, especially if you are injury prone.  However, this training cycle I’ve exceeded this distance during my long runs a couple times as an experiment to see if this will increase my endurance ability – something I’ve struggled with when trying to obtain a Boston Qualifying time.  So although I can understand the reasoning of not running this distance before a marathon, I guess I’m not 100% sold on it.

Keeping the Fire of Youth:  New Ideas for Older Runners (Running Times) – Some good training tips for us older runners.  Lots of good tried and true wisdom for runners of any age.

Fast or Slow?  Dial Into the Ideal Speed to Get the Best Results for Every Workout (Runner’s World) – Figuring out the ideal pace during a training run is challenging and I think most of us tend to overdo it.  This article provides some decent tips.

Food Fixes for Running Issues ( – Short nutrition article on eating smart to fix common running issues.

Timing Your Fuel (Running Times) – Short article on the optimal times you should eat prior to a race.  Article is aimed at high school athletes, but we should all be able to benefit from it.

Your 3-Part Training Plan ( – Advice on how to structure your marathon training into various phases, just like the professionals.

Information Overload:  Are Runners too Tech Dependent? (Running Times) – Yes, I know I am, I never go for a run without my Garmin GPS watch.  Maybe in the future when I’m not training for a race, I’ll try doing some of my runs by feel.  Running by feel may be especially beneficial in the summer when the heat and humidity will definitely impact your pace.

Top Marathon Facts and Fears ( – Nice infographic with some marathon facts and figures.

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