This Week’s Running Articles Around the Web (2/12/12)

Running articles I came across this week that I thought were interesting.

Chicago Marathon Sold Out:  2012 Bank of America Sells Out in Just 6 Days (Huffington Post) – Haven’t run this marathon before, but it is on my to do list.  This running boom is amazing, every major marathon continues to sell out in record time.  Wouldn’t be surprised if Chicago begins the lottery process.

Mindful Eating as Food for Thought (New York Times) – Great article on slowing down and experiencing the taste of your food.  Research seems to suggest that if you savor the meal, you become more satisfied and ultimately eat less.  Difficult habit to form in our fast paced society, but something worth considering.

Is Squeezing 100% Out of Yourself Worth the Risk? ( – Good question.  I think I’m usually in the 90 – 95% range.

Essential Lydiard (Running Times) – Lengthy, but interesting article on the legendary coach Arthur Lydiard training principles.

How Top Marathoners Succeed at the U.S. Olympic Trials ( – Provides a few tips on mental toughness.

Can Running Make You Smarter? ( – Another great reason to run!

Rise and Run:  How To Become a Morning Runner ( – I’m a big advocate of getting your running done in the morning.  This article provides a few tips to becoming a morning runner if you have trouble getting in your morning run.

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