Marathon Training Diet (Week 12 of 13)

This was the second week into the taper period and I did pretty well in keeping the portions of my meals reasonable and diet balanced.  Didn’t have any gut busting meals this week knowing that my activity level wasn’t going to be able to compensate for the added calories having reduced my training by about 50% from its peak.  Other than indulging a bit on Valentines’ chocolate, I kept the diet pretty clean with lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and tofu.  The body seems like reacting well to the taper period and many of the minor aches and pains during the heavy training period are slowly disappearing.

My weight remained unchanged from last week (142.9 lbs) keeping me well within my target racing weight range of 140 ~ 145 lbs.  I’m very happy with this since during the taper period, it is very common to gain weight, so I must be doing a good job balancing my energy expenditures with my caloric intake.  I was able to do more walking this week to try and compensate for the reduced running mileage.  However, I do expect to gain some weight (maybe a pound or two) this last week before the marathon since my training will be about 25% of my peak training as well as the carbo-loading that I’ll begin starting around Wednesday.  From what I’ve read, the extra weight during the carbo-loading phase is to be expected because you’ll be storing carbohydrates and water that should come in handy during the marathon.  A Runner’s World article on tapering suggested that you should expect to gain 2 to 4 pounds during the taper period, so I won’t get too worked up about it if I gain a pound or two.

I’m pretty happy with my current diet make-up, so I plan to stick with the routine for the last week of this training cycle.  The only change is starting on Wednesday I’ll begin eating moderately larger portions of carbohydrates such as pasta and rice.  I don’t plan to gorge myself, but probably will eat an extra 500 calories of carbs each day.  Also, I’ll make sure I keep hydrated during the days leading up to the marathon.

Here is my weight for the past 12 weeks.  Each weight measurement is taken first thing on Saturday morning.

Start – 144.4 lbs (65.5 kg)

Week 1  – 141.5 lbs (64.2 kg) – NOTE:  Think I was dehydrated during this weigh-in.

Week 2 – 143.5 lbs (65.1 kg)

Week 3 – 143.1 lbs (64.9 kg)

Week 4 – 143.7 lbs (65.2 kg)

Week 5 – 142.4 lbs (64.6 kg)

Week 6 – 142.0 lbs (64.4 kg)

Week 7 – 141.8 lbs (64.3 kg)

Week 8 – 142.9 lbs (64.8 kg)

Week 9 – 142.6 lbs (64.7 kg)

Week 10 – 141.8 lbs (64.3 kg)

Week 11 – 142.9 lbs (64.8 kg)

Week 12 – 142.9 lbs (64.8 kg)

List of things I ate:  Rice, natto, vegetables, bananas, grapes, prunes, nabe soup, sushi, kim chee, mango, ham and cheese sandwiches, almonds, waffles, jam, raisins, fish cakes, whole wheat cereal, chocolate, tofu, whole wheat, breads, protein smoothies, Greek yogurt, eggs, sweat potato, soy milk, coffee and tap water.

Pictures of what I ate this week.


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3 Responses to Marathon Training Diet (Week 12 of 13)

  1. motivblogger says:

    Great post.
    I have one question: many bananas but no kiwi or oranges… how do you get your vitamin C?

    • Good point, looks like I may be a little deficient on my Vitamin C intake recently. Believe sweet potatoes and apples have a little Vitamin C in them, as well as the fortified cereal I eat every morning, but I should probably incorporate a little more citrus this week – especially as I try to fill my glycogen stores. Thanks for the insight and comment!!

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