This Week’s Running Articles Around the Web (2/19/12)

Running articles I came across this week that I thought were interesting.

Movie:  Unbreakable – Looks like a great running flick, a documentary on the Western States 100.

Blue Collar Runner:  Ricky Flynn (Running Times) – Nice underdog story on a young Olympic Trials runner who graduated from a Division III college.  Hope to see more about him in the future.

Are Sports Drinks Making You Fat? ( – Sports drinks serve a purpose, but you need to drink them judiciously to avoid unneeded calories.

How to Choose the Best Energy Bar (Running Times) – I don’t eat them often, but when I do, it is usually Clif Bars.  However, just like sport drinks, you need to choose your energy bar carefully for its intended purpose.

Running on Empty (Runner’s World) – Probably one of the better Runner’s World articles on nutrition I’ve read in a while.  Many of us get wrapped around trying to control every aspect of our diets and begin losing our common sense.  There is no doubt that losing weight will make you faster, but there is a point where you enter a dangerous area where you may see short-term improvements, but may cause long-term and permanent damage to your body if you take it to an extreme.

Forever Young (Runner’s World) – Some great running advice from Masters who have been at it for decades.

Improve Your Relationship With Food ( – Another short article on the benefits of mindful eating.

Just Lin, Baby!  10 Lessons Jeremy Lin Can Teach Us Before We Go To Work Monday Morning (Forbes) – Not a running article, but some great life tips.  Gotta love this guy!

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