Tokyo Marathon Expo 2012

Went to the Tokyo Marathon Expo today to pick up my bib at the Tokyo Big Site (Tokyo International Exhibition Center).  Extremely efficient process, checked in and got my bib number in a few minutes, no lines whatsoever.  However, they made you go through the entire expo area before you can get your t-shirt, pretty slick trick.  The expo itself was pretty large (and crowded), it was one of the biggest marathon expos I’ve seen with some pretty elaborate vendor booths.  Because I get uncomfortable with big crowds, I didn’t stop or buy anything, but it still took a good 20 minutes to walk through it.  If you are into marathon expos, you won’t be disappointed.

I found out that I’ll be starting in Block ‘C’ instead of ‘B’, but hopefully it won’t be too much of a hindrance at the start.  I think I was in Block ‘C’ when I ran this race in 2010 and if I recall correctly, it wasn’t too bad, so we’ll see.  It actually may be helpful in the sense it will prevent me from starting too fast.

Below are some pictures from the expo.

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2 Responses to Tokyo Marathon Expo 2012

  1. Carlos says:

    Best wishes, enjoy the race

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