Final Tokyo Marathon Preps

Tomorrow's gear - long sleeve Under Armour shirt, tech t-shirt, Under Armour briefs, running shorts, compression socks, gloves, and Newton Distance shoes.

The marathon starts in about 14 hours and I’m really wound up and antsy to run this thing.  I’m just ready.  Did some stretching this morning and stayed off my feet the rest of the day lounging around the house, which I’m just not used to doing.  Ate enough carbohydrates and took in sufficient fluids to ensure everything is topped off, so it is just a waiting game now, not sure what else I can do at this point.  I’ll attempt to get at least 8 hours of sleep tonight, but not sure how successful I’ll be.  However, I got a solid 9 hours sleep last night, so I should be well rested regardless of how well I sleep tonight.  I plan to wake up around 4:30 am to eat breakfast, shower, and stretch, then I’ll leave the house around 6:00 am to catch the 1 hour train ride to Tokyo for a 9:10 am start.

Tonight's pasta dinner.

The weather is shaping up to be perfect.  The forecast is temperatures in the low 40s, cloudy, and winds around 10 mph – can’t ask for much better.  Should be an amazing race, not only is this an Olympic qualifying race for Japan, the former world record holder Haile Gebrselassie will be trying to make his country’s Olympic team and has hinted he may attempt to reclaim the world record.  That is what is so great about our sport of running — what other sport can you participate in where you are running in the same race as world class athletes?

Good luck to those who are running tomorrow!

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6 Responses to Final Tokyo Marathon Preps

  1. motivblogger says:

    Congratulations for your prep, thanks for sharing it and best wishes for tomorrow!
    And whatever happens, just remember how lucky you are to be there…

  2. motivblogger says:

    run a little bit for me please because I’m injured again and I start to think I’ll have to forget about running 😦
    _no need to publish this reply_

  3. Good luck!!
    Hope you have a brilliant run, I’m looking forward to reading your race report.

    How do you find running long distances in your Newtons? I’ve been wearing my Newton Gravity shoes for long distances so far but I have come to the conclusion that for me they are better suited to distances of up to 10-12 miles on Tarmac. I’m investigating other options for minimalist shoes this weekend.

    • Thank you!

      Really like the Newtons, but it does take same time to adapt to. I’ve been running in Newtons for about 1.5 years and haven’t tried any other brands for a while. There are a lot of minimalist shoe options out there now, good luck in finding a good fit.

  4. dailyjoyjuice says:

    how exciting!! good luck tomorrow!

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