Tokyo Marathon Training Update (Week 13 of 13)

Finished my final week of a three week taper period and capped it off with running the Tokyo marathon on Sunday.  Since I have a separate race report post for the Tokyo Marathon, I will not talk about it much in this post.  For the final week, I reduced my mileage about 75% from my peak training just to keep the legs limber.  I may have to revisit how to handle the last week of tapering because when I significantly reduce my mileage, for some odd reason I start getting cramps in my legs just walking down a flight of stairs.  In fact, I started getting cramps in my quads as I was walking to the train station for the Tokyo Marathon.  Not exactly sure why it is happening, but it seems occur every time I significantly reduce my training or don’t run for a few days.  I don’t think it has anything to do with my diet since this area has remained consistent whether or training or not.  Fortunately, the cramps don’t seem to interfere too much and pretty much go away once I start running, but it is troubling because it doesn’t seem to be a common issue with other runners.  I’ll need to do some further research on this.

I only ran two times this week prior to the marathon.  I ran intervals (6 x 400s) on Tuesday and a 3 mile marathon pace run on Thursday.  Both runs felt good and I knew my body was ready to get out and run.  Going into the marathon, I felt the body was 100% recovered from the build-up training period.

I probably could have done a little better regarding my diet the last week of the taper.  I gained about 2 pounds and went into the race on the high end of my weight race range (144.6 lbs).  The extra weight was expected, but I think I ate a few things I could have done without.  But overall, I felt my glycogen stores were topped off and I was fully hydrated going into Sunday morning.  I was well rested during the week, averaging 7 – 9 hours of sleep.

Other than a session on the spin bike Monday, cross-training was be minimal and I didn’t do any strength training.  I did 20 – 30 minutes of yoga/stretching on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  I also did a little bit of self massage every day with my massage stick and foam roller.

Detailed recap of my workouts this week.

2/20, Monday – Spin Bike (50 minutes, 95 RPMs, 500 calories burned)

2/21, Tuesday (4 x 400s Intervals, Treadmill, 2% incline, 5 miles) – Felt great today. 6 x 400s @ 1:24 (5:36/mile pace), 400m rest jog between intervals. Ran in Newtons. No pains. Got 7 hours sleep last night.

2/22, Wednesday – Yoga (25 minutes)

2/23, Thursday (Marathon Pace Tempo, 3 miles, average pace 7:04/mile) – Last run before the marathon Sunday. Rain this morning, so did the run on the treadmill at marathon pace (2% incline). Felt good, all systems ready to go. No pains, although felt dull pain bottom of right toe after the run. Got 8 hours sleep. Ran in Newton Distance shoes.

2/24, Friday – Yoga (30 minutes)

2/25, Saturday – Yoga (25 minutes)

2/26, Tokyo Marathon

Total Running Miles – 35 miles (week’s goal – 35 miles)

Cross-Training – One 50 minute sessions on spin bike

Yoga – 1.5 hours

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