This Week’s Running Articles Around the Web (3/12/12)

Running articles I came across this week that I thought were interesting.

Smart Marathon Training:  Knowing When to Say When ( – Nice post on learning to listen to your body and knowing when you need to rest. Because many of us are stuck on our running routines, we sub-optimize our potential and increase our probability of injury because we refuse to take the necessary rest day the body is craving.

The Right Recipe for Long Distance Running ( – Patience.  Planning.  Cross-training.  Train mindfully.  Take note.  Yep, agree with everything.

Smart Marathon Training:  Make the Workout Count ( – If you are training to race better, then you need to train with purpose – work smarter, not harder.

Using Yoga To Prevent Injuries And Accelerate Recovery ( – Nice article on the benefits of incorporating yoga into your routine.  I do a little yoga every week and probably should do a little more.

Running 101: How Often Should You Run? ( – Good question – for me it is three times a week, but it is highly dependent upon your goals, schedule, and experience.

Site of the Week (Calorie Counter) – I’m not one to count calories, but this site was interesting because you can type in any food and it will provide you the nutritional value along with a nutrition grade.  The database of food is impressively comprehensive.  Found it very enlightening since some of the food I thought I was eating was healthy was actually not so great.

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