This Week’s Running Articles Around the Web (3/18/12)

Running articles I came across this week that I thought were interesting.

Olympic Bound Runner Credits Hip Dancing ( – This is something new, wonder if I need to start incorporating “curvy dancing” into my training routine.

Which Kinds of Cross-Training Are Best For Runners? ( – I prefer cycling, preferably outdoors, and the article tends to agree.

How to Run a Faster Marathon ( – Bottom line, need to train faster to get faster.  Running 9 minute miles during training won’t get you to 8 minute miles come race day.

7 Running Experts on Effective Long Run Training ( – Some pretty good advice.

It’s Time To Run Your First Ultramarathon! ( – I ran my first 50K ultramarathon back in 1999 and haven’t run one since.  The ultramarathon is a different animal and I’m looking for a new challenge in the future – maybe a 50 miler.  Currently, I’m reading a book on how to train for an ultramarathon titled “Relentless Forward Progress: A Guide to Running Ultramarathons” by Byron Powell.  I’ll post a review of the book after I’m finished.

Sunny Side Up (Runner’s World) – I love eggs, so I was pleased to read this short article on why they are one of the best foods for runners.

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